“Despite the nationalisation of some American and British oil interests in 1973, the Libyan government showed no inclination towards an open confrontation with the West in the first years after the coup. Gradually, however, as Gaddafi openly voiced his support for Palestinian resistance against Zionism, the Irish Republican Army’s struggle against British rule and the African National Congress’ battle against apartheid, the US started accusing Libya of supporting terrorism. It was only after Libya was accused of being directly involved in a series of terrorist attacks in Europe in the 1980s, though, that the US successfully managed to isolate the Libyan government from the international community.”

But did the available evidence support these claims? Do they back up Gaddafi’s unexplained counterproductive eagerness to ensure international outcry against his rule by masterminding terrorist attacks on European and American citizens, or do they point to other players as the culprits?

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