Horrifying testimonies prove you have been lied to about Eastern Ghouta

During my time in Damascus, I got the opportunity to talk to several civilians from Eastern Ghouta. Their testimonies, totally ignored by the mass media, tell a horrifying story of starvation, withholding of food and medical aid, rape, and the imprisonment and murder of innocent women and children. World peace hangs in the balance as the whole world is busy talking about Syria. Yet, the voices of those with an actual right to testify and share their experiences and opinions, i.e. the Syrian people, are disregarded.

Access my very first video report here.

Show notes:


  1. Dear Bas Spliet,

    We met in Beirut. My name is David Simmons and we spoke shortly the afternoon before your departure to Damascus.

    I just want to let you know that I think the reporting you are doing is wonderful. I’ve read several of your articles and you are a wonderful writer in English. Well done!

    I watched your first video report as well. You have some priceless content and stories to report that needs to be spread to the masses. However, there are some little things that you can improve in your video reporting that will tremendously increase the quality of your reporting. I tell you these things because I want to see your content pushed and this will help in doing that. I, myself, have done a lot with video and public speaking and have worked a lot to make both my videos and speeches better.

    1) Count the number of “ahhh”s you say in one minute to fill silence. I counted on average 20-25. I used to do the same thing and I know you don’t even notice it that you say this. Practice making a report and then listen to it and count yourself. Then, do the report again with the conscious effort in your mind to not fill the silence with “ahhh”. Silence is ok! Eliminating a large about of your “ahh”s will make the video report MUCH better!

    2) When you filmed this report, you had auto focus on your camera on. I had this too many times in my interviews in my own projects as well and you get the camera refocusing in the middle of the interview. Instead, set the focus to manual and focus the camera on your subject before starting and just leave it there. That way, there will be no more refocusing in the middle of the report.

    Those are just two little tips that I’ve learned in my own projects that have helped make my videos better. I just wanted to pass them on to you to help you in your great work as well. I look forward to continuing to follow what you report and create.

    All the best to you my friend and keep doing what your heart tells you.

    Well done Bas, David



    1. Hi David

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for your advice. You are right. The amount of times I say ‘aaah’ is indeed a problem, and that’s a very good idea about the manual focusing of the lense. It was my first video report, and I even randomly downloaded a video editting program just after I filmed it. Because there is so little time, so many things to see here, and, above all, such wonderful people to talk to, a combination of sleeplessness and lack of time resulted in the video being a bit amateuristic. I will work on it in the future, however.

      I hoped you enjoyed your stay in Lebanon, and enjoy life in Alaska! I hope to encounter you again 🙂


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