About Scrutinised Minds

Only by openly discussing and debating world events can we advance towards a better society. Unfortunately, the fourth branch of the government is not upholding its task in the system of checks and balances, as it presents a one-sided biased view that reflects the interests of big corporations and those of the government, not those of the people. Therefore, grassroots independent media is needed, so that real investigative journalism can revive debate and assist the public in retaining the ability to think for oneself. Indeed, we must obtain a scrutinised mind.

About the author

Bas Spliet is a bachelor’s student History and Arabic at the University of Ghent, Belgium. He is interested in geopolitics, focusing most of his time in getting a better understanding of wars in the Middle East. His analyses can be found at www.scrutinisedminds.com. He can be reached at bas.spliet@gmail.com.