Hi there!

I am Bas Spliet. I am a student at the University of Ghent in Belgium, where I just obtained my bachelor’s degree in History and am now pursuing a second bachelor in Arabic language and culture. The reason this site exists, however, has barely anything to do with that. Since a few years ago, I started to stumble on more and more disturbing but very important information that somehow remained hidden from me and the people around me, despite “education” being my main occupation for, well, almost all my life. This lead me to believe that we definitely learn stuff when we go to school or consume mass media, but that we are at the same time un-learning who we are as individuals and what we are actually capable of, as well as essential knowledge about the forces that are driving many of the disgraceful developments happening around us.

It is in this line of thinking that I eventually became convinced that a better world is not beyond our reach, but rather, to the contrary, pretty close if we start to un-think and dis-invest from the institutions and regimes that exert control over us all. The first step towards independence, then, is informing ourselves, because, as the old adage goes, “knowledge is power!” Therefore, grassroots independent media is needed, so that real investigative journalism can revive debate and assist us in retaining the ability to think for oneself. Indeed, we must obtain a scrutinised mind.

Thus, I very much encourage you to let me know what you think, either via the comment section below the articles or via e-mail at bas.spliet@gmail.com.